Seeing the need for a platform that can foster other communities around, devncode’s mission is to help foster the failing communities around us and also to provide a platform for new tech-speakers and mentors


With our monthly meetups on different aspects of Technology at devncode we want to inculcate a stream of knowledge in Karachi’s tech community, let you embrace your imposter syndromes, learn from the top-notch developers around the city and make a difference in your life.


Help will always be given at devncode( our very own hogwarts) to those who ask for it". Through devncode we give you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people who are part of our community. It’s a place where startup enthusiasts can find mentors and learners can find teachers.

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  • 29th Jun 2019

    Google Cloud Next Extended 19

    Join us for Cloud Next Extended event of this year, where we will bring together cloud enthusiasts and the developer community to be a part of the Next 2019 experience.

  • 12th May 2018

    devncode meetup V: Core Javascript

    Once again after a long period we are back with our signature meetup, this time is about Javascript so hold your breath we are going to touch deep the core javascript.

  • 9th December 2017

    devncode meetup IV: Artifical Intelligence

    Leaving no room for people to stand, this meetup was engaging for the audience as we saw a minimal decrease in the number of attendees after snacks, which is quite rare. The diversity of the tech talks included everything ranging from AI myth busters to the way data is useful in our daily lives

  • 4th November 2017

    devncode meetup III: IOS & Swift

    In collaboration with 10Pearls University, this meetup acted as a support for Swift Pakistan. Speakers from Venture Dive, Careem, and other top-notch companies covered basic swift concepts like functional programming in swift to complex concepts like Core Data.

  • 4th October 2017

    devncode meetup II: Server Side programming in Javascript

    In collaboration with Chainak, we aimed to introduce four new speakers in this event. The event's agenda was to introduce begginers with Node.js and Express.js and let some professionals learn about applications like Socket Chat.

  • 26th August 2017

    devncode meetup I: React Native & Redux

    This event marked the staring of devncode. Our very first event in collaboration with Facebook Developer Circle - Karachi had huge success. Catering the latest and the most popular Javascript framework, React, we introduced React Native and Redux.

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