ReactKHI Meetup # 06 (Virtual)

Sat, Sep 26

10:30 AM



<p>Here we come again with our signature meetup virtually on zoom this Saturday. We have lined up some of our awesome community members who have been sharing their knowledge on this platform every now and then. This time, they have prepared some amazing talks for the community.</p><p>This meetup is intended for all the developers who have been working with ReactJS. (Beginners - Intermediate - Expert).</p><p>Register here to attend the meetup. We will close registrations by Friday 12 PM and confirmation emails with invitation link for Zoom will be sent afterwards.</p><p>Timings are 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, however we have added poll for two options in registration, if we get more registrations with 5 PM - 7 PM option, we will update the timings for the majority to attend meetup.</p><p>Registration link:&nbsp;<a href=";h=AT0j9uzPpxFwHF45GA4voCwnu20SZf9S4rSG49tq6wR1yVPoa9LFiYOTXfcOU9XJHTW8IJ_pLhAiGNwkAEI7wZ2pg902i_QCSzJAXNLfxCVCnnLN3kIDJBHsuG79A-EM1-Ds&amp;__tn__=q&amp;c[0]=AT1F7DgBcrS1C40MPJiyUDGYvxVBLLxzBcqkD5D07E0fPu7Yu2B1prtgkQjp2DRix-_l1PNGrfFK1lRKfDY4rOgcTCdi9_BxSnWNgtI2tvtsP7kwAqsPPn6I8Q1trgF7mXVU8jYhf-qQb4n0BxLAWLZ4" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="background-color: transparent; color: var(--blue-link);"></a></p>