AI for Web Developer: FB Live Edition

Sun, Feb 23

10:00 AM



<p>Missed The chance to attend our offline Event? Now's your Second chance&nbsp;<img src="" alt="πŸ˜ƒ" height="16" width="16">&nbsp;we are doing an FB Live version of our AI for Web Developers!</p><p>We will be building a cool Image recognition Model and we will showcase how you can construct a Web Interface that will use our Image recognition model to classify Images&nbsp;<img src="" alt="πŸ€“" height="16" width="16">&nbsp;.</p><p>So get your Chai ready, put on a pair of headphones and Follow us along ! .</p><p>* We will be exclusively streaming live on our FB Page</p><p><a href="[0]=AZU1oZ3BxwVAmveK2kSkrSVoJ-wcUQYMp_XnNHgjLFiA7fzccBoHxdwaKN34rowfR1AIiiP1ewFaYwag-PDtoD7FPbydmsZp32jedRzylI92mgwHSIQtbjhUo5Et1t8uqbI&amp;__tn__=q" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="background-color: transparent; color: var(--primary-text);"></a></p><p>* Interested in building a chatbot of your own? join our session to get hands on some awesome Links&nbsp;<img src="" alt="πŸ˜‰" height="16" width="16">&nbsp;which will take you from a chatbot novice to master.</p>