Your Path to AI: Journey to Data & AI

Tue, Oct 13

2:00 PM


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Your Path to AI is a series of workshops to get you started on your path to become proficient in AI. Each session consists of important topics in the Data & AI methodology so that you can learn its concepts and what tool IBM provides along with open-source to make your Path to AI easier.

In this session, which is Part 1 of Your Path to AI series. You will learn the introduction to AI, Data Science Methodology, Data Science tools & techniques, kick-off of the series and details.

🌟 Session outcomes

Get started on your path to AI

Understand the series and details

Follow the series

πŸŽ“ Agenda

What is AI, ML, DS, Deep Learning?

Brief talk about the AI Ladder

Data Science Methodology

Path to AI details


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Who should attend

Students who are interested in AI, Data Science but dont know where to start

Data Science & AI enthusiasts who want to learn what IBM is doing

Professional Developers who want to know more about the world of Data & AI

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πŸŽ™οΈ Speaker

Qamar un Nisa

Huzaifah Saleem