RubyConf Workshop and Speakers’ Meet

Thu, Feb 13

10:00 AM

Arfa Software Park


RubyConf warmly invites you to our Workshop + Speakers’ meet that will attract ROR enthusiasts and professional. We’ve curated a panel of illustrious professional that you’ll learn a lot from. Mark your calendars!

- Date: Feb 13th, 2020

- Timings : 3PM- 5PM

- Venue: Arfa Karim Tower

Slot 1: Speaker’s Session 

Qaseem Sheikh- CTO of Sendoso

Topic: Monolith to Microservices 

Slot 2: Speakers’ session

Junaid Chaudhary - Director of engineering Careem

Topic: DOSA: Uber's Storage Abstraction

Slot 3: Workshop by 

Muhammad Rizwan- ROR expert from Sendoso

Topic: Unveil Type Checking With Ruby on Rails

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