Kubernetes with OpenShift

Sat, Dec 21

7:00 AM

National Incubation Center NED Univeristy, Karachi


Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud is an extension of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, where IBM manages OpenShift Container Platform for you.

Here's our agenda :

-Introduction on IBM And RedHat

-Brief discussion on (Containers and Kubernetes)

-Openshift architecture

-How to run Openshift local machine using Minishift (presentation only) -Create Openshift cluster on IBM cloud and deploy a simple hello world application (Hands-on)

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in getting overview on Microservices, Containerization and Kubernetes and take full advantage of Openshift platform on IBM cloud platform.


-Please sign up for IBM Cloud - use this link to gain access to free resources during the workshop: https://ibm.biz/BdzQXB.

-This is a hands-on event so bring your laptop (macOS, Windows and Linux will all work)