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Qpro - Freelancers and Coders Community Pakistan

Qpro Community focuses on arranging opportunities for freelancers to meet with like-minded other freelancers of industry and grow themselves by teaming up with each other. There is no better way to build up a network by meeting people face-to-face, exchange ideas and talk about your freelancing passions.

This community also focuses on people who have technical skills and want to dip their toe in freelancing but don’t know from where they can start. So we are setting up a meetup trend in Pakistan where Juniors and Top rated freelancers get the chance to meet and share freelancing problems and solutions. Surrounding yourself with experts and mentors early in your career will also help you choose the right heading for your business efforts.

We have started Qpro with mission ”to boost Pakistan in Freelancing and Coding”. So if you’re a professional freelancer, designer, developer, digital marketer or blogger, we would like to invite you to join the community in this cause and be a part of this great idea.

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